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Tsukihime Fool's Errand

Tsukihime Fool's Errand

A few months after the end of Tsukihime, life at the Tohno mansion has more or less returned to normal. Akiha is busy with school and managing the Tohno estate, Ciel gives Shiki regular after-school lessons to help him catch up on everything he missed, Hisui is ever happy to await Shiki-sama at the front door and Kohaku is as cheerful and crazy as ever.

  • Publisher: mirror moon
  • Last updated: February 9th, 2012

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Logyx Pack

Logyx Pack

Logyx Pack is a collection of 30 different logic games under a single interface: Puzz, Zookey, Bapp, Foldex, Hopper, Zoodoku, Mem Pro, Spiny Goo, Mips, Moc, Inrot, Zyx, Qwez, Zbam, Thux, Rotiz, Woosho, Newpy, Cossai, Sanno, Chakz, Chagwa, Choy, Tac 3D, Symh, Geex, Micro Master Mind, Baca, Infe, Nam Chess.

  • Publisher:
  • Home page:
  • Last updated: May 20th, 2008

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